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JetSpeed Plumbing Morisset and Lake Macquarie

JetSpeed Plumbing is a family-owned business. We pride ourselves on quality service and maintaining lasting relationships with happy customers. We guarantee satisfaction when it comes to our workmanship and turnaround. We specialise in all plumbing repairs, installations and maintenance for various areas such as drainage, gas fitting, blocked sewers, water tanks, extensions and bathroom renovations. If you have any plumbing emergency at your home or business, call JetSpeed Plumbing right away and enjoy prompt service at great prices.

Quality Plumbing Service is Our Guarantee

Make an appointment with our team of experts to go over any leaks, patches, slow drains or even bigger concerns to your property such as strange watery noises, warps in your walls or gas line issues. As qualified plumbers, we’ll be able to resolve your issue quickly and keep your pipes healthy and your property’s plumbing in good condition.
bathroom and laundry renovations

Bathroom & Laundry Renovations

Are you building or remodelling? At JetSpeed Plumbing we can carry out bathroom and laundry renovations at your property. If you’d like your renovation project to be completed on time and on budget, rely on bathroom and laundry plumbing experts who can help you plan and outfit everything from start to finish. For an optimal space with highly functional plumbing and electrical fittings, get your next bathroom or laundry renovation done with JetSpeed Plumbing.

blocked stormwater or sewer

Blocked Stormwater & Sewer

A blocked stormwater or sewer drain is an inconvenience you need solved immediately. Without prompt assistance, you will risk problems down the main lain of your sewer or pipes from collapse, prolonged clogging and other damage and systemic issues for your property. These will be far more expensive and complicated to solve. Don’t delay calling emergency plumbers from JetSpeed Plumbing. We can help you sort out this problem with a fast and effective solution, and get your plumbing back up and running in one piece.

general plumbing maintenance service

General Plumbing Maintenance

Calling us early on is important. If you don’t want to find yourself in tricky emergency situations that come unexpectedly and will incur higher expenses since you won’t be prepared, then getting general plumbing maintenance is vital. Don’t wait for your plumbing to go completely defunct, you need running water and the conveniences of home plumbing at all times. We can inspect your plumbing regularly, carry out preventive maintenance and extend your plumbing’s lifespan with our top grade technology and maintenance techniques.

hot water installations

Hot Water Installations

JetSpeed Plumbing offers hot water installations at your property at cost-friendly prices. If your hot water unit has broken down, we can quickly sort out a replacement suited to your property’s needs and budget. As a longtime partner of various brands of hot water, we can source a new hot water system quickly and at great prices. Furthermore, we’re experienced throughout residential and commercial hot water emergencies to offer regular hot water repairs, replacements and maintenance work.

gas fitting


At JetSpeed Plumbing, we place an emphasis on safety and efficiency when it comes to your gasfitting needs. We have licensed gas fitters ready for your call to get to your location promptly. We can repair, install and maintain a variety of gas works from gas pipes, stoves, heaters and other gas powered or gas related appliances. For quick, professional gasfitting services at affordable prices, get a quote from JetSpeed Plumbing.


Water Tanks

A water tank is an incredible, highly functional investment for any residential or commercial property. Not only will it minimise your billing costs, but you will also have an alternative supply of water at your disposal. During times of restrictions your water tank will be extremely crucial in helping you continue any chores, errands or operational tasks that involves plumbing be it car washing, gardening or topping up swimming pools. For a water tank installation and maintenance to ensure the water available to your property remains clean and in top quality, call Jetspeed Plumbing to your home or business today.

Plumber Near Me Lake Macquarie

JetSpeed Plumbing can get to the root of your plumbing issues and provide an effective lasting solution, preventing further inconvenience, damage and higher costs for homeowners and businesses. Interested in any of our plumbing services? Contact us to make an appointment and get your repairs done immediately!

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